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As a painter of over 20 years, I have experimented with technique, colour, medium and form, which got me to where I am now through a journey of collaboration, courses and generally studying the artists whose work makes me feel connected. I tend to work mainly in acrylic paint, but mixed media is often the outcome by the time I have added a bit of Conte Crayon, pastel, oil bar or/and charcoal into the mix. 

Art is such a subjective and ambiguous medium which to me means that everything and anything is a possibility; with that in mind, I work on freeing up any expectations I may have around any particular outcome and try to just go with, and enjoy, the process. 

I have tended to draw inspiration from society, politics, nature and our deep spiritual souls. I also like to work with life models, as to me the human form is the beginning of all creativity.

My mantra is ‘don’t be attached to the outcome’ which for me allows expressive work to come forward in flow without constraints.

I have exhibited at:

  • St Barbe Museum, Lymington (open exhibitions 5 times)
  • Coastal Gallery, Lymington 
  • The Local Art Scene gallery
  • The Oxo Tower, Southbank, London
  • The Red House Museum in Christchurch
  • Tradewinds Gallery in Milford on Sea
  • The Strawberry gallery in Milford on Sea
  • Southampton City Gallery
  • New Forest Open, Lyndhurst

I have an online presence and have been involved in pop up galleries across Hampshire and participated in the Hampshire Open Studios.

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