Local Art Scene Agents Network


The Local Art Scene is a national website directory promoting local artists, galleries, events and suppliers in over 400 towns and cities across the UK.

We are looking for local agents in all areas to act as local representatives to help promote their local art scene and sell online listings to art galleries, artists, event organisers, suppliers, services, art clubs and societies.

If you have a large network of contacts in the arts and would like to earn an additional income, this opportunity is for you.

New Members - Set Up Fee: £60
This includes a Gallery Webpage which is your local advert, with details about you and your contact details.
Your agent details will feature at the top of your local search as the main point of contact and in our local agents directory.

Existing Members - No Fee
If you have already subscribed to a Gallery Webpage, you can opt in to being our local agent for no set up fee.

Only 1 Agent Per territory
We only accept one agent per town or city. This is allocated on a first come first served basis and is subject to the following terms.
Agents must achieve at least 10 new listings in the first 3 months to maintain their exclusivity for an area. Failure to meet this criteria, will result in the territory being reallocated to another agent.

On target Bonuses:

  • 10 new listings and we will print 1000 A6 flyers promoting your art scene for your local distribution. (Shown above)
  • 50 new listings and your listing will automatically be renewed for the following year at no extra cost.
    (If this is the case you will automatically receive commission when your clients renew their annual subscription)

Commission Payable:
We pay our agents 25% commission of the balance of each new annual listing, obtained by you.

Example of commission payable:

  • Classified Listing Fee: £30 (Your Commission = £7.50)
  • Webpage Listing Fee: £60 (Your Commission = £15.00)

Commission is paid direct from Paypal

To join us and reserve your local territory, please complete the contact form below:


The Local Art Scene is a trading name of Hart Media Group
Address: Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Telephone: 01590 677021 / Mobile: 07917 540239
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