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Trained as a Painter and gaining a PhD through Art Practice I extended my Painting Practice into Video. The threads of ideas, feelings and sensations run through my work. Returning to painting I devised a process of working with Built Canvases. As Artist in Residence I created 'Internal Landscapes', an installation of 8 built canvases, which is permanently sited in the Centre for Cancer Immunology, the Immunology Research Facility in Southampton Hospital Trust, part of UoS. My painting ‘Waiting for the Rain to Stop’, is held in the unique collection of Contemporary Women’s Art, at New Hall College Cambridge, and ‘Mertyn Crewe’ is held at Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery. Other works are with collectors in UK and US.

I explore my experiences of being human, including the experience of Cancer. The work is on a trajectory, it moves across the external and internal worlds of landscape, interiors, people, and most recently, the issues and questions centred on the human / posthuman existence of today.

“Visual communication is a primary driver for me. I was transfixed by Bacon’s triptych ‘The Crucifixion’. It opened my mind to seeing art as a communication system, offering a different access to understanding than the spoken or written word.”


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