The Lymington Art Scene

Sandy Barker-Williams

I am an oil painter based in Lymington, Hampshire. I work from my studio, taking inspiration from my local surroundings as well as my personal connection with images both imagined or recalled. My work is mostly abstract although some is representational. I enjoy working with striking colour combinations.

My oil paintings emerge spontaneously through an exploration of colour, energy and form on the canvas itself. The evolution of the painting for me is like a journey of discovery which takes many twists and turns along the way. The use of vibrant, intense colours kick starts the artistic process and often takes on an elemental theme. I paint intuitively, responding to the unfolding creation, facilitating each piece to reach its inevitable conclusion. This process can take a matter of days, weeks or months or may be ongoing for several years.

Sandy Barker Williams Plein Air

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