Sandy Kendall

I am an artist with a particular passion for capturing the effects of light and shade on the landscape and the restless motion of the sea. I also enjoy painting still-life, flowers and the occasional portrait.

I work mainly in oils, but I enjoy using watercolour and also experimenting with mixed media and using collage elements in my work.  My main subjects are landscapes and seascapes, but still-life, flowers and natural forms also inspire me.  I also undertake commissions, including those for portraits and animal portraits, the latter from photographs.

I love scouring beaches for driftwood, which I turn into wall-plaques of weathered seaside cottages and lighthouses and also make vitrines of beachcombing treasures, such as sea-glass, pebbles, starfish and shells.  I have a kiln, which I use mainly for students’ work, but also make my own small sculptural ceramic pieces.  I like to make quirky ”Bottle People”

using washed-out ”Shaker” type colours, and other sculptural pieces using papier mâché and plaster. I have a printing press which students use for their work, but which I also use for lino prints, collagraphs and drypoint prints.

I run art clubs for children and young people on Saturdays in term-time and adult classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, during which the resources and equipment in my well-stocked studio are available for students to use.

For anyone who wants to work with wood, I have woodworking tools, including a sander and jigsaw. I have a bandsaw, but this is only for adult use. We have great fun, working in a safe, creative and relaxed atmosphere with music and refreshments and laughter. 


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