Mukta Chakravarty

Mukta Chakravarty is a British Bangladeshi visual artist who has got an immense passion for cultivating creative ideas and adding value to the British creative industry. Her study mostly explores cultural, socio-political and environmental issues.

Mukta completed a Fine arts degree from Shanto-Mariam University Bangladesh and started working as a freelance artist. In Bangladesh, her paintings garnered a warm reception in six exhibitions, including Young Art 2012 & Woman Violence 2011 supported by UNAID. She also worked with Italian artist Anamaria Gelmi, Mara University Malaysia & German Niederrhein University.

In 2013, Mukta moved to the UK. At the new environment, she was craving to go back to the arts and started exploring her vision of creative work in the wider community. In 2014, she worked with local arts groups and got an opportunity to work for 'London Bhaiskhi Mela 2016' organised by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. In 2017, Meanwhile, Mukta started preparing her solo exhibition 'Tribeni: the rhythm of water' that was accepted for a month-long exhibition on the SBD festival 2019 jointly funded by LBTH, Queen Mary University of London, ACE and Eton UK.

The huge response of the exhibition titled 'Tribeni' initiated a new dimension on her creative thoughts. In this current COVID19 pandemic, Mukta adapted the uncertain situation & utilised every possibility including ACE fund in her creations to execute a project titled 'Stay A[live] with fine arts'

Currently Mukta is performing a project titled ‘Canvas Story: Narrating British Bangladeshi Cultural heritage to enhance cultural resilience’ supported by ACE national lottery project grant. Canvas story was inaugurated by local MP Mr Sam Tarry and already garnered a warm reception from the wider audience therefore Mukta and her canvas story was featured on East London’s media hub Ilford recorder.


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