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John Percy is a contemporary abstract painter living and working in Maidenhead with a second main studio at OpenHand OpenSpace in Reading.

He studied graphic design at Ravensbourne in the late 1960’s and has since worked in graphics for Film and TV and in print whilst also painting.

His work uses process and formal means as a metaphor for the way we live, from our starting points via choices, decisions and chance events.

An abstract painting can be seen as just what it is, an arrangement of colours and marks on a support. There is a strong parallel between abstract painting and composing music. The composer makes an arrangement of sounds, varying in pitch and tone, arranged in a certain order to achieve harmony, rhythm and melody. The only place it can originate is in the composers head, in his imagination. Painters use marks and colours instead. Harmony and rhythm are still essential formal ends to achieve and meaning exists in the intention of the artist or composer and hopefully in the eye, ear and intellect of the viewer or listener.

John aims to make paintings that must stand in their own right and are not pictures of something. His works are enigmatic, contemplative objects, carrying a certain poetic power; a statement of personal ideals and an expression of his sense of the continual struggle between necessary order and desirable personal freedom.

John Percy

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