Isabella Karolewicz

Isabella Karolewicz, also known as ‘Bella’ is an Australian, Melbourne based artist. She is an international exhibiting artist with collectors worldwide.  

Bella began her artistic journey painting in traditional styles using oils. It is during this time where she developed a solid foundation mastering the use of tonal values, colours, light and composition.  This enabled her to transition into a more abstract style with ease, incorporating acrylics and other mediums.

As a result, she has now combined her two loves together; ‘Contemporary and Traditional Art’. This has become her signature style, creating a bridge between generations, producing classical, timeless pieces.  

Elegance, love, Peace, and serenity, are the few themes that permeate out of all of Bella’s artworks.  From grand Cityscapes, to delicate figurative works.  If you are looking for an original, unique, one of a kind piece for your space, you are welcome to contact Bella to find the perfect painting for you. 


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