Heather Gibbons

Heather's work is developed from her immediate surroundings, interpreting the Purbeck Land-shapes and Coastline.
Although her background training was in Printmaking at Bournemouth Art College, she later concentrated on Oil Painting with a fine Art Diploma at the Arts Institute.

"Working with oils provided me with a certain freedom to "use the paint" as I want - making changes, taking visual risks as the work evolves. From initial drawings made on site, I will often re-invent the landscape, taking certain shapes from memory to "fuse" with aspects of reality.... This to me is part of the journey of discovery."

She concludes:  "like this planet we inhabit, nothing remains static, and so it should be for the Visual Artist...a never ending process to make our own changes through the work we produce." HMG.

"If we knew at the outset how a painting would look, we would never begin it."
Lucien Freud.

"Heather works in a style which is reminiscent of St.Ives in the 1940's and yet they are fresh and relevant to the Purbeck landscape today. They seem to imply the process where Nature is constructed and eroded in the timeless cycle."
Landscape Painter of the Year Finalist. Dorset Magazine. 2016.   


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