Gill Drew

Loving to paint again after teaching art at secondary school I now spend most days in the studio. My enjoyment of encouraging others to explore their creativity now happens in workshops and art classes. My subject matter includes figurative and landscape pieces. I enjoy capturing the light, the colours, textures and the feeling of being outdoors surrounded by nature. I love to pay attention to the sounds, the details and the surprises found in the countryside. This could be standing on the cliffs by the sea or on a regular walk with the dog on the edge of the city where I live, finding glimpses of wildness where nature isn’t tamed. There may be a narrative in the piece, a connection to a memory, or a feeling of nostalgia that connects on an emotional level through shape and colour.

I work in acrylics, exploring details and surfaces. My process begins playfully, laying down colours and textures on to which the composition develops. Each piece evolves as paint is layered, sanded and glazed.


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