Geoffrey Robinson

Geoffrey's professional painting career began in 1990, at a seminal moment, after many months spent filming and editing a video documentary about the eminent artist, Gillian Ayers. With her encouragement, and the legacy of the St Ives School as inspiration, Geoffrey set out to paint seriously.

In 2001, he was selected as an ‘Invited Artist’ at the Discerning Eye exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London, and in 2004 he and his work were featured in an ITV Meridian documentary. Over the years, Geoffrey’s work has been exhibited widely including galleries and art fairs across the UK, as well as Nantucket Island and New Zealand.

Geoffrey says of his own work: ‘My approach to painting has always been to look inside myself, rather than to interpret what goes in through my eyes. I make the paintings I want to see. To look inside one’s self is to find memories of other art, dreams, poetry, pleasing rhythms and colour. Everything is abstract when you look inside yourself.’


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