The Winchester Art Scene

Catherine Thomas

I have always painted, and originally trained to be a graphic designer. 

In my early twenties, I got a place to study violin and piano at Trinity College of Music London on a four year fellowship course with the renowned Hungarian pedagogue Bela Katona. I have played professionally and taught the violin ever since in Schools in England and Germany and privately. . However art has always been an equal passion for me. I find art and music very similar, it’s all about shape, tone and beauty. I enjoy painting in oil and acrylic , but I am just as happy to sketch in pencil , and paint seascapes, landscapes as well as portraits , but I always endeavour to get interesting light into my work . 

Now that I no longer do recitals I paint every day and am delighted when people commission me. 

I just wish I was a bit less messy. There is barely a day I don’t have oil paint in my hair on my face clothes and in the dogs!