Bassé is an artist without a plan, mostly works with ink on paper with some variations in medium, but always quite abstract “the only plan and prep I do before starting a piece is deciding a colour I fancy at that moment, from there I sink my pen into the ink well, and watch the ink bleed from nib to paper- then it’s just a dance. If I start getting locked onto a composition, I have to walk away and come back later- Otherwise it always ends up getting scrapped”.

Bassé is always asked what their abstract works are portraying, but you will never get a straight answer it seems “why would I tell people what to see?

The beauty of abstract art is the fact you can interpret it how you like, if I take that away from the viewer, then what would be the point?”.

And why anonymity? “I‘m sick of seeing artists posing in front of their artwork in a provocative way, is it about them or the art work? When it comes to my work…I want this to be about my art, not who I am”.

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